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Meeting with US Congressman Brad Sherman about Zainab Jallalian and Human Rights in Iran

Meeting with US Congressman Brad Sherman about Zainab Jallalian and Human Rights in Iran

Sunday, July 12, 2010

azad_moradian_brad_sherman_071210.jpgIn a continuous effort to raise our outcry against Ms. Zeinab Jalalian’s execution sentence, Mr. Azad Moradian and Cklara Moradian delivered a letter to US Congressman Brad Sherman of San Fernando Valley, California, an influential member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

This letter urged the congressman and other members of the United States government, especially the Obama administration to publicly denounce the execution of Zeinab Jalalian and to recognize the systematic eradication of Kurdish political prisoners in Iran. The letter also urged the International community to investigate the human rights crisis in Iran through an independent body.

Mr. Brad Sherman and his staff, Director of Constituent Services, Ms. Carolina Krawiec, both received a copy of our letter.

Mr. Brad Sherman showed his concern regarding the human rights crisis in Iran and recognized the Kurds as an alley of the United States. He promised a loud voice of condemnation in regards to the case of Ms. Jalalian if Kurdish Americans believe it would beneficial.

The letter was written on behalf of concerned Kurdish-American citizens and was an apolitical request from the administration to respond to a humanitarian crisis in Iran against the Kurdish minority.

We will continue to be in contact with the office of Mr. Congressman Brad Sherman in order to build a better understanding of issues concerning Kurdish-American citizens.

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