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Congressman Brad Sherman met A Kurdish- American community leader and voting member of the 27th district

During a town hall meeting: Congressman Brad Sherman met A Kurdish- American community leader and voting member of the 27th district

Sunday August 28, 2011


Los Angeles, California; Mr. M. Azad Moradian, community leader and voting member of the 27th district, met with Congressman Brad Sherman to discuss two pressing issues of concern to the Kurdish-American community.


Congressman Sherman, who is a member of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, was encouraged, through a formal letter from his Kurdish constituents, to join the Kurdish Congressional Caucus in Washington DC.

Mr. Sherman reported that he recently met with the representatives of the Kurdish Community  in Washington DC and will look into joining the caucus when he returns to Capitol Hill. The Congressman also expressed that he is well aware of the concerns of the Kurds in the Middle East and is glad to see Kurdish- Americans in his district.

The second worry brought to the attention of Congressman Brad Sherman was the recent and continuous military attacks on Northern Iraq by Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Sherman expressed his regrets about these attacks, and informed Mr. Moradian that he has been one of the members of the house voting against further foreign aid to Turkey. Mr. Moradian handed a letter to the congressman urging him and his colleagues to put further pressure on Turkey to end their military offensive in the Kurdish region.

congressman_brad_sherman_azad_moradian_02.jpgCongressman received the letter and showed interest in meeting with the Kurdish-American constituents to further discuss these matters.

The Congressman’s advisory staff were also present at this event. They were receptive and expressed sympathetic views towards the Kurdish plight.

 A meeting will be scheduled to further develop the relationship between the Kurdish-American communities with Congressman Brad Sherman.

We look forward to the Congressman’s potential membership in the Kurdish Congressional Caucus.

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