Happy International Mother Language Day, 21 February 2014

Happy International Mother Language Day, 21 February 2014

The United Nations’ (UN) International Mother Language Day annually celebrates language diversity and variety worldwide on February 21. The Mother Tongue Day in 2014 will examine issues related to local languages and science. Int_mother_language_2014Experts will discuss the role of local languages in the promotion of traditional and indigenous knowledge and its contribution to addressing major issues related to global citizenship.

روژى جيهانى زمانى دايكى له ٢١ فوريه سالى ٢٠١٤، تايبه ت دراوه به زمانى دايكى لوكال يان نافرمى بو شارو ندى جيهانى له ژير چاوديرى عيلمى و زانستيدا
پاراستن و پشتگيرى له زمانى دايكى ريگا خوش كه رى ناكوكيه كانى نيوان كومه لگاى نيو نه ته ويي دايه. هاو دلى و تيگه يشتنى چ ن لايه نانه له نيوان شاروه ندانى جيهانيدا وه دى دينيت. قسه كردن به پتر له يه ك زمان و تي گه يشتن له يه ك له ريگاى زمانه وه ده بيته هه نگاويك بو پته و كردنه وه ى هه لسو كه تى كولتورى له جيهان دا. باور به گرنگ بونى زمانه رسه نه كان و زمانى نافرمى و لوكال ئه و ئيمكانه به خه لكانيكى زيادتر ده دات كه ده نگى خويان به گوى كومه لگا بگه ينن و ده ستيان ببيت له كار و بارو داهاتوى ژيانى به كو مه لى خوياندا.

روز جهانى زبان مادرى ٢١ فوريه سال ٢٠١٤ به نام “«زبان‌های محلی ( غير رسمى ) برای شهروندی جهانی: در کانون توجه علم»
حفاظت و حمایت از زبان مادری گره گشای شهروندی جهانی و رمز تفاهم واقعی متقابل است. درک و صحبت کردن بیش از یک زبان منجر به درک بیشتر غنای مراوده و ارتباط بین فرهنگی در جهان ما می‌شود. قبول اهمیت زبان‌های محلی افراد بیشتری را قادر می‌سازد تا صدایشان را بگوش مردم برسانند و در سرنوشت جمعی خود فعالانه شرکت داشته باشند.

About Kurdish American Committee for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran(kacdhri)

Kurdish American Committee for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran On November 2005 a group of Kurdish-Americans decided to organize a committee to work on Kurdish issues in Iran and to build a relationship among Iranian opposition groups toward democracy in Iran. The following points clarified a need for organizing and helping the Iranian political parties to come together and to start coordinating their efforts We considered that: 1. Iran is not a homogeneous ethnic society and formidable Iranian opposition parties are aligned with separate ethnic groups. 2. Persians are a minority who has been the dominating power since the end of WWI and all other minority groups have revolted at some point during the 20th century and continue to do so in this century. 3.Kurdish struggle for human rights and self-determination is the longest and most mature democratic national movement in Iran, the only one to have developed a constitution for a democratic society (The Republic of Kurdistan, Mahabad 1947). 4. We considered that any political opposition to the Islamic regime without the involvement of Turkmans, Baluoch, Azeri, Kurd and Arab groups would fail. 5. Almost all Persian nationalist parties have vowed to side with the Islamic regime to “fight” minority groups and democracy. Based on the above ideas and considerations, Kurdish Americans from Iran organized a Committee for Democracy on December 2005. “Kurdish American Committee for democracy in Iran” had a sense of obligation to take an active role in organizing the Iranian opposition groups by:

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