Kurdish American Committee for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran

By : Azad Moradian

August 23, 2007

Washington DC,

azad_moradian.jpgOn November 2005 a group of Kurdish-Americans decided to organize a committee to work on Kurdish issues in Iran and to build a relationship among Iranian opposition groups toward democracy in Iran.

The following points clarified a need for organizing and helping the Iranian political parties to come together and to start coordinating their efforts

We considered that:
1. Iran is not a homogeneous ethnic society and formidable Iranian opposition parties are aligned with separate ethnic groups.
2. Persians are a minority who has been the dominating power since the end of WWI and all other minority groups have revolted at some point during the 20th century and continue to do so in this century.
3.Kurdish struggle for human rights and self-determination is the longest and most mature democratic national movement in Iran, the only one to have developed a constitution for a democratic society (The Republic of Kurdistan, Mahabad 1947).
4. We considered that any political opposition to the Islamic regime without the involvement of Turkmans, Baluoch, Azeri, Kurd and Arab groups would fail.
5. Almost all Persian nationalist parties have vowed to side with the Islamic regime to “fight” minority groups and democracy. Based on the above ideas and considerations, Kurdish Americans from Iran organized a Committee for Democracy on December 2005. “Kurdish American Committee for democracy in Iran” had a sense of obligation to take an active role in organizing the Iranian opposition groups by:
–  First creating a unified Kurdish front and later by bringing the other minority opposition groups together.  Looking at the social fabric and history of Iran and planning for a democratic society.
–  Our mission is to:
–  Give resources and expert help on political party and organization building to the political parties that participate in this effort.
– Encourage and consult with the participating entities on political party structure and democratic practices within the parties themselves.
–  Bring Iranian party leaders (not limited to Kurdish) together in Washington DC or Europe for working meetings.
–  Make available the result of study on opposition front methodology and facilitate the creation of the front.
– Help develop media campaigns aimed at publicizing the democratic values of the United Iranian Opposition Front and its program.
–  Facilitate help for newly formed democratic institutions operating in Iran (there has been an up-surge in the year 2006)

Mobilizing the Kurdish Americans of Iranian decent to participate in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran. Promoting the Kurdish Americans of Iranian decent to Participation In American Civic Life and Iranian American issues.
Kurdish American Committee’s Goals:The short-term goal is formation of the United Iranian Opposition Front by Iranians and securing of its leadership role as well as public relations campaigns exposing the Iranian regime.
The long-term goal is democracy in Iran with freedom for all ethnic groups and legal protection for their human rights.



ئازاد مورادیان باسی کۆمیته‌ی کوردی ئه‌مه‌ریکا بۆ دیموکراسی و مافه‌کانی مرۆڤ له‌ ئێران ده‌کات

 ئازاد مورادیان
Haider Karim

دوایـین نوێکردنه‌وه‌

به‌رنامه‌ی کورد له‌ تاراوگه‌ تیشک ده‌خاته‌ سه‌ر کۆمیته‌ی کورده‌کانی ئه‌مه‌ریکا بۆ دیموکراسی و مافه‌کانی مرۆڤ له‌ ئێران. هه‌روه‌هاش تێڕوانینی ئه‌و کۆمیته‌یه‌ له‌سه‌ر ئه‌و شه‌پۆڵه‌ ڕاپه‌رینانه‌ی که‌ هه‌ندێ له‌ وڵاتانی ئه‌فریکای باکووری و ڕۆژهه‌ڵاتی نێوه‌ڕاستی گرتۆته‌وه‌. ئه‌لبه‌ته‌ به‌ براوردکردن له‌ گه‌ڵ ڕه‌وشی ناو ئێران.

دکتۆر ئازاد مورادیان سه‌رۆکی کۆمیته‌ی کورده‌کانی ئه‌مه‌ریکا بۆ دیموکراسی و مافاکانی مرۆڤ له‌ ئێران بنکه‌ له‌ کالیفۆرنیا له‌ وتووێژێکدا له‌ گه‌ڵ هاوکارمان حه‌یده‌ر که‌ریم باسی ئامانج و چالاکییه‌کانی ئه‌و کۆمیته‌یه‌ ده‌کات.

ئازاد مورادیان سه‌باره‌ت به‌ ئامانجی ڕاپه‌رینه‌کانی ڕۆژهه‌ڵاتی ناوه‌ڕاست ده‌ڵێت به‌رپابوونی ئه‌و ڕاپه‌رینانه‌ که‌ به‌ به‌هاری عه‌ره‌بی ناسراوه‌، ئه‌گه‌ر چاوی لێبکه‌ین هه‌موویان ئاسۆیه‌که‌ ئه‌بینین که‌ گۆڕانکاری له‌ سیسته‌می حکومه‌تی ئه‌و وڵاتانه‌یه‌، نه‌ک چاکسازی له‌و وڵاتانه‌دا. ئه‌مه یه‌کێک له‌ بنه‌ڕه‌تترین مه‌سه‌له‌یه‌ که‌ ئێمه‌ له‌ هه‌موو ده‌نیشتنه‌کانیشدا له‌ گه‌ڵ ئۆپۆزسیۆن باسی ده‌که‌ین و ده‌ڵێن ئێمه‌ ده‌بێت چاو له‌ ئێرانێکی دوای کۆماری ئیسلامی ئێران بکه‌ین، ئه‌گه‌ر ئێمه‌ چاومان له‌ چاکسازی ببێت ئه‌وا کۆماری ئیسلامی هه‌ر له‌سه‌ر کار ده‌بیت هه‌ر به‌و جۆره‌ی که‌ 33 ساڵه‌ بووه‌. ئازاد ده‌شڵێت ئه‌مه‌ به‌داخه‌وه‌ یه‌کێک له‌و مه‌سه‌لانه‌یه‌ که‌ تا ئێستاش ئۆپۆزسیۆنی نێوخۆی ئێران چاکسازی خستۆته‌ پێش ئه‌وه‌ی که‌ کۆماری ئیسلامی ده‌بێت بگۆڕدرێت.‌

ده‌توانن له‌ ڕێی کلیککردنی ئه‌و فایله‌ ده‌نگیانه‌ی سه‌ره‌وه‌ی ده‌سته‌ چه‌پ گوێبیستی ته‌واوی گفت و گۆکه‌ بن که‌ ماوه‌که‌ی 13:16  خوله‌که


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