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An Interview with Roya Hakakian by Cklara Moradian

An Interview with Roya Hakakian by Cklara Moradian

By Cklara Moradian

February, 19, 2012

Ms. Hakakian’s most recent book is titled Assassins of the Turquoise Palace, published through Grove/Atlantic  in 2011. This book is the non-fiction account of the 1992 Mykonos restaurant assassinations in Berlin. Four Kurdish and Iranian opposition leaders were brutally assassinated as part of a terror campaign carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran to silence political dissidents in diaspora. The assassinations led to the Mykonos trial, which is considered one of the most significant international court cases in European judicial history. The German court implicated the highest officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran as responsible for ordering the assassinations which led to a diplomatic crisis between the two countries. Rather than writing a political book, Ms. Hakakian chronicles the aftermath of the assassinations through the lens of those closest to the case.

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